Case studies

Download our invasive ant management database for details on many ant eradication and control programmes. We also provide case studies of management and treatment options for the 5 worst invasive ants, as well as the tropical fire ant.

If your problem ant is not one of these ants, there is little management information available, so read about controlling other ants. If you have information on managing these and other ants, and you would like this information included here for others to use, please contact us.


African big-headed ant management case studies

African big-headed ant treatment options


Argentine ant management case studies

Argentine ant treatment options


Little fire ant management case studies

Little fire ant treatment options



Red imported fire ant management case studies

Red imported fire ant treatment options

  Tropical fire ant management case study  


Yellow crazy ant management case studies

Yellow crazy ant treatment options

Image credits

African big-headed ants (© Western Australian Agriculture Authority, 2013–2016)
Argentine ants, red imported fire ants and yellow crazy ants (© Phil Lester)
Little fire ants and tropical fire ants (© Eli Sarnat, Share Alike CC BY-SA Licence)

Information sources for management case studies and treatment options