These ants are active at night

African big-headed ant

African big-headed ants often come inside homes to look for food at night. Find out more

African big-headed ant large (major) worker (© Alex Wild

Yellow crazy ant

Yellow crazy ants are active all night, which can make sleeping difficult! Find out more

Yellow crazy ant worker (© Alex Wild

Black crazy ant

Black crazy ant hunt for food all night in places where it is warm enough. Find out more

Black crazy ant worker (© Alex Wild

Ghost ant

Ghost ant workers look for food during the day and at night. Find out more

Ghost ant worker (© Alex Wild

Pharaoh ant

Pharaoh ants are especially active at night. Find out more

Pharaoh ant worker (© Alex Wild

Singapore ant

Singapore ants are known to attack people sleeping in bed. Find out more

A close-up of a Singapore ant worker (© Eli Sarnat, Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike CC BY-SA License)

Tropical fire ant

Tropical fire ants often forage at night. Find out more

Tropical fire ant worker (© Alex Wild
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