These ants live in trees

Argentine ant

Argentine ants occasionally nest in tree holes. Find out more

Argentine ant worker (© Alex Wild

Little fire ant

Little fire ant nests cover vegetation, when people brush against infested plants the ants fall onto them and sting. Find out more

Little fire ant worker (© Alex Wild

Yellow crazy ant

Yellow crazy ant sometimes nests in trees such as coconut palms. Find out more

Yellow crazy ant worker (© Alex Wild

Bicoloured trailing ant

Bicoloured trailing ant lives under bark and in hollow twigs and stems. Find out more

Bicoloured trailing ant worker (© Alex Wild

Black crazy ant

Black crazy ants sometimes nest in tree cavities. Find out more

Black crazy ant worker (© Alex Wild

Difficult white-footed ant

Difficult white-footed ants live in tree holes and under leaves on trees. Find out more

Difficult white-footed ant worker tending aphid (© Alex Wild

Ghost ant

Ghost ants can make a nest almost anywhere. In trees they can nest under bark or at the base of palm fronds. Find out more

Ghost ant worker (© Alex Wild

Singapore ant

Singapore ants will nest anywhere, including in trees (in hollow twigs) and pot plants. Find out more

A close-up of a Singapore ant worker (© Eli Sarnat, Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike CC BY-SA License)

White-footed house ant

White-footed house ant builds tent-like nests out of debris in trees and can also live under bark. Find out more

White-footed house ant worker tending insect (© Alex Wild
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