These ants live on the ground

African big-headed ant

African big-headed ant nests look like tiny piles of dug up soil. Find out more

African big-headed ant large (major) worker (© Alex Wild

Argentine ant

Argentine ants make nests on the ground, often under things like stones or pieces of wood. Find out more

Argentine ant worker (© Alex Wild

Little fire ant

Little fire ants also nest on the ground as well as on trees. Find out more

Little fire ant worker (© Alex Wild

Red imported fire ant

Red imported fire ant build nests on the ground, called mounds, that look like piles of dirt. Find out more

Red imported fire ant stinging - they also bite! (© Alex Wild

Yellow crazy ant

Yellow crazy ants nest in a wide variety of areas, such as in holes other animals have made, and under rubbish, wood and stones. Find out more

Yellow crazy ant worker (© Alex Wild

Bicoloured pennant ant

Bicoloured pennant ants nest in soil, under stones and in rotting wood. Find out more

Bicoloured pennant ant worker (© Alex Wild

Black crazy ant

Black crazy ants nest in and under a wide range of material, such as sand, mulch, rocks and rotting wood. Find out more

Black crazy ant worker (© Alex Wild

Browsing ant

Browsing ants make nests in rotting wood. Find out more

Browsing ant worker (© Alex Wild

Difficult white-footed ant

Difficult white-footed ants make their nests under mulch, debris and rubbish. Find out more

Difficult white-footed ant worker tending aphid (© Alex Wild

Fijian white-footed ant

Fijian white-footed ants live in rotting wood, leaf litter and under stones. Find out more

Fijian white-footed ant worker (© Alex Wild

Ghost ant

Ghost ants will make a nest almost anywhere, inside or outside. They like the small spaces like cracks in pavement and underneath objects. Find out more

Ghost ant worker (© Alex Wild

Pharaoh ant

Pharaoh ants nest in any available cavity, especially indoors. Nests can be found in voids in walls and cabinets, hollow curtain rods, and even in the folds of sheets, clothes and paper. Find out more

Pharaoh ant worker (© Alex Wild

Similar groove-headed ant

Similar groove-headed ants usually nest in rotting wood. Find out more

Similar groove-headed ant worker (© Eli Sarnat, Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike CC BY-SA License)

Singapore ant

Singapore ants will nest anywhere. Outdoors they live in soil or leaf litter, indoors they can nest in electronic equipment and electrical sockets. Find out more

A close-up of a Singapore ant worker (© Eli Sarnat, Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike CC BY-SA License)

Tawny crazy ant

Tawny crazy ants will nest under or in almost any object or empty space such as stumps, concrete, soil and potted plants. Find out more

Tawny crazy ant worker (© Mike Quinn,, Creative Commons License)

Tropical fire ant

Tropical fire ant also build mounds, though they are usually low to the ground, unlike those built by the red imported fire ant. Find out more

Tropical fire ant worker (© Alex Wild

White-footed house ant

White-footed house ants nest under rotting logs, rocks and leaf litter. Find out more

White-footed house ant worker tending insect (© Alex Wild


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