Learning and teaching

This section contains resources to upskill in biosecurity and to spread the information in the toolkit among colleagues in biosecurity, the wider community and schools.
  • Community awareness: raising community awareness of emerging biosecurity risks is useful in early detection, rapid response to incursions and preventing the accidental introduction of new threats
  • Invasive ants for teachers and schools: including a lesson plan and activities to promote awareness of biosecurity threats
  • Visitor awareness: tourists and visitors are a significant pathway for invasive alien species. Raising awareness among travelers can help prevent unintentional introductions of invasive ants
  • Biosecurity training for quarantine officers: information about courses available to broaden and build knowledge of biosecurity best practice
  • Toolkit workshops: are available to assist in using the resources in the PIAT to prevent and manage invasive ants in the Pacific
  • PIAT posters: a catalogue of posters in various languages to raise awareness on invasive ants in the Pacific


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