These ants harm crops

African big-headed ant

African big-headed ants are a serious pest on many crops, such as coconuts and bananas. Find out more

African big-headed ant large (major) worker (© Alex Wild

Argentine ant

Argentine ants farm aphids and mealybugs, causing outbreaks of these crop pests. Find out more

Argentine ant worker (© Alex Wild

Little fire ant

Little fire ants make harvesting crops by hand almost impossible due to their painful sting. Find out more

Little fire ant worker (© Alex Wild

Red imported fire ant

Red imported fire ants eat the roots, stems and new shoots of many kinds of plants. Find out more

Red imported fire ant stinging - they also bite! (© Alex Wild

Yellow crazy ant

Yellow crazy ants protect sap-sucking insects, which damage crops and spread plant diseases. Find out more

Yellow crazy ant worker (© Alex Wild

Bicoloured pennant ant

Bicoloured pennant ants farm scale insects, though the ant is not usually a major agricultural pest. Find out more

Bicoloured pennant ant worker (© Alex Wild

Browsing ant

Browsing ant damage plants by farming sap-sucking insects. Find out more

Browsing ant worker (© Alex Wild

Difficult white-footed ant

Difficult white-footed ants play a role in spreading crop diseases, like pineapple wilt disease, by tending sap-sucking insects. Find out more

Difficult white-footed ant worker tending aphid (© Alex Wild

Fijian white-footed ant

Fijian white-footed ant cause outbreaks of pest insects like aphids and mealybugs. Find out more

Fijian white-footed ant worker (© Alex Wild

Tawny crazy ant

Tawny crazy ants farm insect pests. Find out more

Tawny crazy ant worker (© Mike Quinn,, Creative Commons License)

Tropical fire ant

Tropical fire ants eat seeds and seedlings of many different crops. Find out more

Tropical fire ant worker (© Alex Wild

White-footed house ant

White-footed house ants farm crop harming sap-sucking insects and protect them from predators. Find out more

White-footed house ant worker tending insect (© Alex Wild
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